Founder & Chairman, Silverlake Group, Malaysia

Short Biography

GOH PENG OOI founded the Silverlake group in 1989 based on his foresight on the future of economic and digital demands. Today the group has a core staff force of more than 2,500 worldwide, excluding that of its associated and related companies, supporting over 380 large customers who are located in over 80 countries across all continents. The group has earned many industry recognitions since its inception including the Forbes’ Best Under A Billion (2015).

Personally, Goh has twice won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Malaysia, and he has been conferred various awards such as the Lifetime Achievement Award (World Chinese Economic Summit, 2015); ASEAN Legacy Award (ASEAN Business Awards, 2017); ASEAN Entrepreneur of the Year (ASEAN Community Leadership and Partnership, 2019). In 2015 Forbes referred to Goh as the first tech-billionaire in Malaysia.

Aside from his business and professional achievements, Goh is very much involved in academics – especially in Science and Mathematics.

Goh is a Fellow of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM), an Industry Advisor of the Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science in Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, a Fellow of the ASEAN Academy of Engineering and Technology (AAET), a Member of the ASM Science and Technology and Industry Linkage Committee, an Adviser of the ACCCIM Science, Technology and Innovations Committee, a Member of the Board of Governors of First City University College, a member of the Azman Hashim Advisory Council (‘AAC’) of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia; an Advisor for Japan Graduates Association Of Malaysia (JAGAM); an Executive Committee member of the Malaysia-Japan Economic Association; and a member of the International Advisory Council of the Association of Malaysian Economics Undergraduate.